This refund policy below supersedes any other refund policy or terms found on our other websites and gift vouchers.

Refund Policy

Customers are subject to receive a refund of any amounts paid to ADI Motoring Ltd under the terms below.

Please note: a minimum €20 administration fee is applicable to all refunds. A maximum of 20% administration fee will be charged in some cases. All transaction fees paid at the point of purchase are non-refundable.

For refunds on multiple lesson packages that have only partially been completed the customer will be charged €50 per hour for the lessons that have been completed along with any administration charges and the remaining balance will be refunded.

Administration charges for refunds under the following circumstances.

 a. In the event that the customer's situation has changed and they no longer want to conduct lessons a 20% administration fee is chargeable.

 b. In the event that the customer has opted to change to another driving school a 20% administration fee is chargeable.

 c. In the event that your instructor can not fit you in for lessons a €20 administration fee will be charged.

 d. For all other refund requests a €20 administration fee is chargeable.

 e. Refunds on gift vouchers that were purchased more than 18 months ago will incur a 20% administration fee. 

All administration fees charged are at the sole discretion of the school and may be waived in specific circumstances.