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Yevheniia Tvieritnieva

My instructor is Alan Sherlock and he is the best teacher I've ever known. As I am a psychologist, I can easily define that he applies different techniques and methods to every person. I can tell Alan is a professional instructor, he knows what you need on the road every moment, his confidence is passed on to you and his sense of humor makes you relax. Thanks to Alan I've got an unforgettable experience in driving. And I am definitely recommending Alan Sherlock as your driver instructor.

Feb, 10 2020

Sean Curran

I had a wonderful experience learning how to drive with Alan Sherlock, my instructor at the RSA School of Motoring. I quickly got a confidence for the road thanks to my instructor, that gave me the skills to pass my drivers test FIRST TIME! I would definitely recommend Alan as I felt very confident going into my test!

Jan, 25 2020

Learning to drive is a big step and is a symbol of growing up. A symbol of freedom. Having the ability to drive a car means you can say yes to all those things you could not. It opens up a world of opportunities.

One small problem though... you have to pass the test

When may you drive on the right hand side?

Should I take a manual or automatic car for my driving lessons?

Which transmission you choose to learn in is your decision. You'll decide this when you first book in with us. Keep in mind if you learn to drive and pass your test in an anutomatic you will not be able to drive a manual which may prove to be an inconvenience in the future. Learning to drive automatic is becoming very popular though and keep in mind automatic lessons are a little more expensive due to supply and demand.

How many driving lessons will I need to take to pass my test?

How long is a piece of string? Seriously though, it really does vary from person to person but the Road Safety Authority (the government agency in charge of driving licences) has made it mandatory for all learners to complete the 12 lesson EDT before they can book a driving test. And it advises that learners should be having at least 2 hours of practice between these EDT lessons which totals a minimum of 36 hours.

What happens if I don't get on with my driving instructor?

While is extremely rare it is possible that a student and an instructor don't have good chemistry. And you feeling comfortable on your driving lessons is essential to us. If you feel this way after your first lesson and let us know within 24 horus we will fully refund you for that lesson or switch you to a better suited instructor.

When can I start my driving lessons?

Provided you have a learners permit in your hand then whenever you want! We will match your needs with the best instructor we have near you and then you will work with your instructor directly after that.

Can I do evening and weekend driving lessons?

We get that you can have a hectic schedule and may need to take lessons outside of ‘work’ hours. All driving instructors know this. Just contact your instructor and they will help.

Can I fast track my driving lessons?

The Road Safety Authority recommends that you complete your EDT lessons two weeks apart. But in reality you may need to get things done fast. Just remember that you will need contact your instructor well ahead of time to get these lessons booked up in advance to ensure you secure your slots.

Can I rebook my lessons directly through my instructor?

Yes. We strongly advise that you work direct with your instructor.

Can I buy my lessons as part of a package deal?

We like to give you as many options as possible. You can pay per hour or you can save a few euros and opt to block book some lessons. Our 6 and 12 EDT lesson packages are the most popular.

What is the RSA School of Motoring curriculum?

The RSA School of Motoring curriculum consists of 12 modules which are based on the 12 EDT modules and driving test preparation. By affirming the new ideas, techniques and concepts demonstrated on lesson through these comprehensive modules our students progress up to 28