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Online EDT training course

Online EDT training course
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edt driving lessons Carrigaline


Every individual seeking to obtain a driver's license needs to finish the EDT program. The program comprises a structured series of 12 driving sessions, aimed to impart essential driving knowledge and skills to novices. These sessions delve into various areas such as defensive driving, road safety , and sharing the road. Each session in the program is crafted to advance upon the previous one, systematically introducing new skills and concepts to the learner driver. We're poised to help you navigate through your Essential Driver Training in Carrigaline.


Driving school booking platform Carrigaline

Book Your Lessons Online in Carrigaline

Our platform, designed with user-friendliness in mind, simplifies the process of booking and managing your driving lessons in Carrigaline. Included in our platform are automated reminders to ensure you never miss a lesson, along with an educational and feedback center to foster continuous learning between lessons. By registering an account in Carrigaline today, you're taking a pivotal step towards becoming a safe and confident driver.


Pretest driving lessons Carrigaline


With your EDT lessons behind you, you're ready to take on the next step: the driving test in Carrigaline. Our pretest training covers all aspects of the driving test, ensuring you're fully prepared, both practically and emotionally. Our expert instructors in Carrigaline will guide you through the entire test process, from understanding what to expect on the day of the test to mastering the specific skills needed to pass. Set for the open road? Secure your pretest lesson today and let's prepare you thoroughly to pass the driving test!

Female Driving Instructors Carrigaline

Female Driving Instructors Carrigaline

At our driving school, we get that comfort matters when learning to drive. That's why we have both guy and girl instructors in Carrigaline for you to choose from. Ready to hit the road with total confidence? Our instructors are absolute pros who can help you ace your test and be a great driver. Whether you pick a guy or a girl to teach you, we promise you'll get the best help and guidance to ace your driving test in Carrigaline and drive safely and confidently.

Can you collect me from my Home?

Free Pick Up & Collection in Carrigaline

Leave transportation hassles behind and focus on your driving journey ahead! No more transportation stress with our pick-up and drop-off service in Carrigaline, we'll get you to your lesson from home, school, or work. Our service also gives an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for students who don't have their own ride.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

Carrigaline Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

Looking to make a meaningful gesture? Give the gift of driving, a present that continues to give! Present the ideal gift with our instant driving lesson gift vouchers, offering the gift of freedom and independence. Get your gift voucher delivered directly to the recipient's email in mere moments with our easy online purchase. Whether for birthdays or graduations, our vouchers are the perfect gift, easily redeemable on our online booking platform.

Do you do Automatic Driving Lessons in Carrigaline?

Automatic Driving Lessons Carrigaline

Start your driving adventure with Our driving school - it's a cool place to learn how to drive an automatic car in Carrigaline. The cool thing about driving an automatic car is less stress and easier controls. Ready to rock the road? Our experienced instructors in Carrigaline are here to help you ace your driving test. We make sure learning to drive is easy and stress-free, so you can learn at your own pace and feel super confident for your driving test.

Give yourself the edge

Free Email Support Curriculum

You can book, change, or cancel lessons super easily with our online booking system – no hassle at all! With our reminders, you'll never forget a lesson, and our extra lesson resources and feedback will help you keep improving as a driver. We're all about making your driving learning experience super easy and chill in Carrigaline.

Can I Hire Your Car For The Test in Carrigaline?

Driving Test Car Hire in Carrigaline

Don't let an unreliable car dampen your spirit on test day in Carrigaline. We ensure you have the right vehicle. Our driving school offers straightforward car rental for driving tests, guaranteeing a well-maintained and reliable vehicle on your important day. A stress-free test day is what all students deserve, and our car hire service in Carrigaline is designed to provide just that!